Green Spirits by CBD Logistics Story

Green Spirits by CBD Logistics was founded in June 2017 on the passion and commitment of its founders and collaborators. We are proud of our company history in which every collaborator has always played a decisive role.

Headquartered in the Canton of Graub√ľnden in Cama, it develops and distributes finished retail products on the Swiss and international markets. Female inflorescences of industrial Hemp with a high CBD content and with a law-compliant THC content. Industrial hemp substitutes such as pure extractions, sublingual oils, e-liquids and much more.

Green Spirits by CBD Logistics products are approved in a socio-legal perspective both in Switzerland and in other countries of the world. Our company carefully selects the CBD varieties and genetic specifications that it represents on the Swiss and international markets.

Become a reseller Green Spirits

Your chance in a fresh, innovative and growing market.
Become part of a business and a consolidated network that guarantees quality, continuity and management skills.

It will do no more than have an activity both physical and online already started to make a minimum order to have the main products on display and start reselling by dedicating small part of its own available space.

This solution has piqued your interest. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us we will be happy to discuss the opportunity together. Very good resale % avaible.


Green Spirits - 100% additive Free
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