1. Scope of application

The present general conditions of sale apply to all purchases made at the greenspirits.ch portal (hereinafter referred to as “portal”) owned by CBD Logistics Sagl, Stradon 116, CH – 6557 Cama (hereinafter referred to as “company”).

By placing an order at the portal, the Customer acknowledges that he has read, understood and accepted these general conditions of sale without reservation.

Considered that the present provisions may be modified, will be the version existing at the time of the conclusion of the order by the Customer.

Green Spirits disclaims any liability arising from any legal violations as well as makes users of the portal aware that the products offered by it in many countries are prohibited.

This site, with all its contents, is intended exclusively for consenting adults.

2. Recording of records

The Customer, registering with the portal, guarantees the accuracy and completeness of the data provided. If the Customer opens a personal account, he undertakes to update it in the event of any changes to his personal data. Only persons over 18 years of age may register and make purchases.

The Customer may at any time refuse to receive advertising related to the company by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address shop@greenspirits.ch or by letter addressed to the company.

3. Orders 

By completing the order, the Customer undertakes to purchase the products he has selected, in accordance with these general conditions of sale. For every purchase made on the portal will be sent an e-mail confirmation to the Customer. This confirmation e-mail determines the conclusion of the contract, before which the conclusion of the order has no mandatory effects for the company.

The order is made at the price and according to the information on the portal at the time of the order. If an ordered product is not available or cannot be delivered, the Customer is informed within 48 hours of the conclusion of the order, without any responsibility of the company. 4. Shipping and prices

Each order is delivered to the delivery address indicated by the Customer. The responsibility for the goods shall pass to the Customer upon receipt by the carrier. The shipping and delivery costs are borne by the buyer and are included in the amount indicated at the order confirmation.

The products offered are generally available in stock or as indicated for each item.

For deliveries in Switzerland VAT is already included in the purchase price advertised per item. The total final cost of the order includes the shipping costs listed in the cart and specified in the invoice.

The shipping costs are different depending on the delivery address and the country of the customer. All orders are shipped from Switzerland in discreet and anonymous packaging. In case of shipment outside Switzerland the buyer is responsible for the part of the import that will be paid separately by the customer at the time of receipt of the parcel through the transport company in charge. We reserve the right to change the list and the shipping conditions and the price at any time and without notice.

Shipping costs for domestic orders (Switzerland) are calculated according to weight and size. Orders over CHF 99.00 sent on Swiss soil to final customers are free of charge.

Orders exceeding CHF 299.00 sent to distributors and/or resellers on Swiss soil shall be free of charge.

For international shipments (Europe and the world) the actual expenses are according to the country and the weight of each shipment. The products are sold on the premises of our warehouse, the delivery of the products to the shipper designated for the shipment concludes the contract of sale and the order is given for concluded. No entitlement may be claimed in the event of loss or failure to deliver by the dispatch service for reasons attributable to the dispatch service itself or to customs problems which may occur during importation in country of the buyer. For international shipments the minimum amount to be entitled to free shipping is CHF 99.00.

Each shipment of goods includes a tracking number and/or proof of the shipment, the same are the proof of the shipment.

The order will be taken over the same day if it is received and confirmed by 4.00 pm.

The liability of the company is limited with regard to the transportation specularly to the contractual conditions of the carrier to which the company delivers the goods for the transport/shipment service.

5. Legal framework

CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary program.

The raw materials extracts and their products on www.greenspirits.ch are legally marketed in Switzerland and are not included under the Law for Drugs (Narcotic Act). Given the continuing evolution of the legal and legal situation in this sector, however, it is difficult for us to be informed in real time about the legal status of our products in other countries. We are therefore unable to provide information on the legal status of our products, which refer to countries outside Switzerland.

Therefore, you agree to take responsibility for being informed in advance, and in any case before ordering our products, also about the legal status that applies in this regard in your country.

To confirm an order, you need:

Have a minimum age of 18 years.

Be assured that import to your country is legal.

Take responsibility that the products ordered will be used in full compliance with the laws of your country.

All information that Green Spirits spreads and provides through the website www.greenspirits.ch as well as links to and from other web pages and through its employees or internal or external collaborators by phone, e-mail or any other type of transmission, are purely for informational purposes. All information shall be considered not as recommendations or as a council of acts or actions of any kind.

Driving a vehicle after consuming CBD products is not recommended, as they may reduce the ability to drive vehicles like many other commonly marketed products. Swiss Federal Information. 

The company does not give any guarantee that the information about www.greenspirits.ch is current, complete and/or exhaustive.

6. Raw materials, extracts, oils and assorted products

6.1 The customer assumes full responsibility for personal injury, damages, punitive measures, loss of profit or turnover, loss of use of the product or material and any other loss that may result from the acquisition, use or abuse of a product purchased from the online shop www.greenspirits.ch. Owners of the shop, internal or external staff (agents), employees and collaborators cannot be held responsible for the actions of customers.

6.2 The online shop www.greenspirits.ch is dedicated to the marketing of raw materials and raw extracts that are suitable for the production of additional natural products. Raw materials, as well as raw extracts, are not marketed to produce income and it is expressly not recommended that they be used for this purpose or for projects. Moreover, Green Spirits does not recommend the use or unlawful application of raw materials and raw extracts that it commercializes, nor even less the use at your own risk for any illegal application of products marketed on your online shop.

6.3 Our products usually contain cannabinoids and terpenes and have a THC value of less than 0.999%. They are marketed for experimental and test purposes as well as raw material. The end user assumes any risk for the misuse of these products.

6.4 The products marketed by the company, and of course the raw materials and extracts, do not have the value of drugs, nor do they have any medical value. Pure CBD may have pharmacological properties and is therefore not marketed as a food or food supplement and should not be swallowed. Pure CBD should not be used for uses in which it may come into contact with the mucous membranes of the mouth. Products containing CBD cannot be used under any circumstances as a drug or as a substitute for medicines! The company strongly advises against anyone replacing their current medical treatment in favour of CBD, or otherwise acting contrary to a doctor’s recommendation.

Products which are not substitutes for tobacco are not intended to be smoked.

7. Verification of goods / Return of goods

The Customer is responsible for verifying the quantity and the good condition of the goods delivered. If you find that there are defects, damages or deficiencies, the customer must submit a complaint to the company by e-mail to the e-mail address shop@greenspirits.ch within seven days of delivery.

In any case, before returning the goods for defects, damages or failures the Customer must submit a complaint to the above-mentioned address and wait for the firm’s position. After that you can return the goods and, once the existence of such defects, damages or deficiencies has been verified, we will refund the amount paid for the purchase and refund the cost of the transport.

8. Terms of payment

Payment is made in advance before delivery of the goods by bank transfer, credit cards or other systems available at the time of purchase. Credit card details are protected for the safety of the Customer.

Bank account data are:

Bank: Postfinace AG, Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern

Account holder: Cbd Logistics Sagl, Stradon 116, 6557 Cama

Account number: 88-377514-3

IBAN: CH0309000000883775143


The payment confirmation will be sent automatically by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer.

9. Limitation of liability

No Customer’s claim for compensation for the products delivered, the failure to deliver the products or to different circumstances may be higher than the amount of the purchase price of the products in relation to which the Customer’s claim for compensation has arisen. In no case may the company be held liable for any indirect, accidental or consequential damage of any kind, occurring in relation to the conscious purchase of the products, their use, to their sale or to this site.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Swiss law is applied to all commercial relations with the company and the exclusive jurisdiction for all procedures is that of CH– 6535 Roveredo. The mandatory holes provided for by the law remain confidential.

This document is binding in Italian (if you are reading a translation).

November 2017, Cama

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