Green Spirits by CBD Logistics Story

Green Spirits by CBD Logistics was founded in June 2017 on the passion and commitment of its founders and collaborators. We are proud of our company history in which every collaborator has always played a decisive role.

Headquartered in the Canton of Graubünden in Cama, it develops and distributes finished retail products on the Swiss and international markets. Female inflorescences of industrial Hemp with a high CBD content and with a law-compliant THC content. Industrial hemp substitutes such as pure extractions, sublingual oils, e-liwuis and much more.

Green Spirits by CBD Logistics products are approved in a socio-legal perspective both in Switzerland and in other countries of the world. Our company carefully selects the CBD varieties and genetic specifications that it represents on the Swiss and international markets.

Green Spirits by CBD Logistics Values

It is in everyday life that Green Spirits by CBD Logistics reflects its founding values, in small, everyday gestures. Values ​​in the first place.

Passion: the curiosity to go further is the driving force of our work

Consistency in living in the first person the founding principles of the Company

Customer Centrality

Centrality of the Person

Green Friendly approach

Autonomy: over time we have built together an autonomous and independent reality

Team Spirit

Quality orientation based on continuous evolutionary improvement

Practice orientation

Sustainability: attention to the environment is a lifestyle recognizable in every gesture

Continuous training of internal resources

Green Spirits by CBD Logistics Vision & Mission

Green Spirits by CBD Logistics is committed to offering a natural alternative, to support people, to inspire moments of enthusiasm and joy, to create value and make a difference.
In a socio-economic context characterized by increasingly complex cycles of change, the human value for Green Spirits by CBD Logistics is becoming increasingly important.

We are reference partners in the marketing and distribution of finished products to end customers, distributors-resellers in the CBD Cannabis market and their surrogates.

Pioneers in social change, we contribute daily to the evolution of the perception of perspective towards Hemp and its beneficial uses.
We offer our partners means to develop a constant ability to adapt to the market, thanks to the quality-price ratio and through the constant acquisition of information and skills.

Green Spirits by CBD Logistics Services to people and organizations

Supplies to the website and physical stores

Distributor supplies and resellers                                                                                    

Creation and consolidation of resale network Green Spirits                                                      

360-degree information for end customers and Resellers on the world of industrial Hemp

Platform for custom orders                                                                  

Payment methods SSL encrypted                                                                                          

Safe and traceable shipping methods

Green Spirits - 100% additive Free
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